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Bite Me

These Undertaker graphics are Cryptic Creations' originals. All of the Undertaker graphics on this page where generated/drawn by me, and originated at this site. Please ask before posting them on other pages, and if you do post them give a link back to this site.
Undertaker Clip Art and Cutouts are free for you to take and use as you like, just don't link directly to them and please give a link back to this site.


Mouse art:
Undertaker Knight (kind of old)

Hand Drawn:
UT's Demon tattoo choking the Crock's bull tattoo

Knight on Horseback

Computer art:
What that fluff on Taker's chin REALLY was.. (the Furby Files)
Taker of the Flame
Old School (older crap of mine)

This bloodlust that drags me to forever...

The Mark of the Undertaker

Dragon's Fire

Winged one of the lower reaches

Of thee I shall drink...

Undertaker's EVILution

Mage's Fury


Would you rather be a rattlesnake or a Dragon?

Something all the ladies would love to see

Taker's Crematorium

More Vamp-Taker

The most wonderful thing about Taker, is he's the only one! Or is that Tiggers......

Winged Worshippers

Winged Servant

Dragon Undertaker Symbol

Undertaker Clip Art:
Stuff that's ok for you to take and use, but download it to
your OWN webspace and please give a courtesy link back here.
Seemless background/Divider (Celtic designs with Taker symbol)
Crystal Ball with Taker symbol
Coat of Arms Taker symbol
Framed Taker pic
Taker buttons- For any background   For black/dark backgrounds
Skull w/ Taker symbol Best on dark/black backgrounds
Vertical bar w/ Taker symbols

Still down with the devil
Still down with the Devil

Undertaker Logos/Symbols:
Plain Old Taker Symbol (late 90's version)
Reaper holds Taker Symbol
NFlaming T symbol (animated)
NUndertaker Logo 96-97
NUndertaker Logo 97-98

Undertaker Cut outs
(Undertaker cutouts in .JPG and .PSD format)

W For orignial gory animations and graphics, go to the Decapitorium N

Original images on this page are intellectual property of Sabretooth/Cryptic Creations
ALL Rights Reserved on original art and Chibi-Taker
1999-2000 Sabretooth/Cryptic Creations
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