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Undertaker's Legacy

Undertaker's Legacy
Byte This! 4-20-01

WWF Byte This
Show Date: April 20th, 2001

Hosted by: Dr. Tom Prichard & Kevin Kelly
Weekly Commentary by: Droz and Tazz

Special Guests: The Undertaker


- Kevin started the show by himself this week, as Dr. Tom was late.

- Droz joined the show.

- Discussion about the Undertaker's decade of destruction. Droz added that Taker has been on top of his game, as well as everyone else's, for all that time.

- The phone lines actually worked this week.

- Dr. Tom arrived and joined the show.

- Undertaker joined the show.

- Taker is excited to be tag champs with Kane.

- He wanted to tell the fans who supported him that he thanks them. For all those who thought he was through and wouldn't make it back, he wants to tell them to "kiss his a$$" and that he is here.

Question: WrestleMania

Taker put over how it was off the charts and how big the show was to him. It is definitely his top WrestleMania moment and perhaps one of the biggest of his entire career. He put over how, with his experience, it takes quite a bit to give him goose bumps, but WrestleMania accomplished this.

Question: Coming back from injury

When someone is in the latter stages of their career and injuries hit, they can't help but think that perhaps their time is done. That person can either let those demons beat them or use it as motivation to get back. He never thought, as long as he could stay healthy, that he could never come back. Taker does feel that he is in the best shape of his 10 year career right now.

Question: WWF/WCW

Taker feels that it is the best thing for all involved. WCW had a bunch of "a$$holes" who did not know how to run a company. The McMahons have proven that they know how to do it. Guys who were held back may get some opportunities, but they will have to work extremely hard. Overall, it is a very positive thing for wrestling and wrestling fans. He does not see anyone in WCW coming over to the WWF right away. They need to get their company in order before even thinking about any of that. Besides, the WWF roster is extremely full and very talented right now.

Taker has no problem wrestling Kevin Nash or Sid, if he returns from injury, again.

Question: Old school values

Things are different now than we he first came up in this business. He talked about guys paying their dues over time. Guys weren't put into a top spot straight off the bat. Guys such as he, Austin and Dr. Tom have more respect for the business. Old school values are a matter of respect. The WWF guys now have a great deal of respect for the guys who have been around. Basically, there is a whole different way of thinking between guys back then and guys today.

Question: Being a locker room leader

He is honored that the guys think of him that way. The boys know that he puts business first. They know that he will always do whatever it takes to make the business move forward. He has also never stabbed anyone in the back to further his career. He took what was given to him. He admits that he has been given some breaks, but feels that he earned them. They respect that he has never lied or cheated his way to the top.

Question: Kane

Taker feels honored that Kane has taken some of his guidance and has taken his career and made a huge name for himself. On Smackdown this week, his character went to a whole other level. He feels that the sky is the limit with Kane and it has nothing to do with the Undertaker.

After Smackdown, Taker felt so proud of Kane. He has come so far in his career and has developed into a top star. He is Kane's biggest fan. He has only scratched the surface of where he can go.

Question: An autobiography

Taker is not interested in writing one as he feels that his personal life is his to keep. Perhaps, he may write something about his character, when his career ends but he has no plans to retire any time soon.

Question: Hell in the Cell (vs. Foley)

Taker feels that it was a tremendous match but does not necessarily think it was his greatest match. Everyone forgets that he went into the match with 2 broken bones in his ankle. He attributes that to old school thinking, in that it is his responsibility to go out there and give the fans their money's worth. Mick Foley has those same beliefs.

Question: Mick Foley having to retire due to injury

That comes with the territory. An athlete has to know when it is his time to step down. He respects Mick's decision to retire because he knew all the abuse that his body had taken over the years. It is very depressing to watch a guy in the ring who they have idolized, where they think, "you should have seen him when." Taker is happy with his performance level and when he sees that he is starting to slip, it is time to move on. Mick felt that it was his time to move on and he respects that.

Question: Favorite gimmick match

Taker was happy with the Gimmick Battle Royal because it went on before his match and made him look that much faster.

His favorite type of gimmick match would probably be the Hell in the Cell. He is proud of all of the HITC matches with the exception of the WrestleMania one against the Boss Man, which he admits was not up to par.

Question: Favorite opponent

Taker really enjoyed wrestling Bret Hart because of the difference in styles. Right now, he would pick Triple H as the best overall wrestler out there right now and he loves to work with him. He has the whole package.

Question: His music

Limpbizkit will be heading into the studios soon to make a new version of his theme song. They will make it more personal towards the Taker character.

Question: His motorcycle

They will be coming out with a new "Rude American" bike which he feels will absolutely floor people and make his other bike look like a tricycle.

- Undertaker left the show.


For sound clips from the show, check out Featured Media.

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