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Recent updates in case you missed something. Updates go back 3 months or so-

A really shitty past few months: 06/06, Cenny's Awards for 6-3-02.
06/01, Not Kosher moved and fixed.
05/28, New Undertaker slide show, Soaring with the Deadman.
05/16, Broken Geoshitties pics in the Undertaker Gallery fixed. Not Kosher and the Graphics sections are the last (I believe) remaining pages that need links to be fixed.
05/12, Check out CreatureCavern.com, Darkspade's latest website.
04/30, Cenny's Awards for 4-29-02.
04/25, Cenny's Awards for 4-22-02.
04/18, New pic in Undertaker's tattoos.
04/17, Cenny's Awards for 4-15-02, and le gasp, a new pic in the Decapitorium.
04/12, Bookmark this for when Tripod's down.As of now it's just the sections that have been moved but it will be the future home base of the site.
04/09, Cenny's Awards for 4-8-02.
04/03, Cenny's Awards for 4-1-02.

March 2002:
03/30, Cenny's Awards for 3-25-02.
03/26, 25 pics from 3-21 Smackdown.
03/25, 295 pics from Wrestlemania X8.
03/14, Cenny's Awards for 3-11-02. Due to hosting issues videos will no longer be available in two formats, it will either be ASF or RM, but can't be both anymore.
03/06, Cenny's Awards for 3-04-02. The whole site's been downloaded and after the links are changed will be ready to move.

February 2002:
02/28, Obviously a site that's down 16 out of 24 hours in a day isn't going to work. The Crypt is moving, this URL will remain active (hopefully) to let you know where the new one is, but if it's down or gone, Cenny's Awards will still be up and you can find it from there.
02/26, Cenny's Awards for 2-25-02. Still haven't been able to appease Tripod and their ridiculously low hourly limits, so alot of the content on this server is still in the process of being moved off.
02/20, Seems we've been going over Tripod's bandwith limit for this account a lot recently, causing the site to go down for an hour or two at a time. I'm attempting to spread things out even more to fix this.
02/19, Cenny's Awards for 2-18-02.
02/18, New Undertaker Wallpaper.
02/13, Cenny's Awards for 2-11-02.
02/12, 161 pics from 2-07-02 Smackdown, and 260 pics 2-11-02 Raw.
02/07, 124 pics from 1-31-02 Smackdown, and 182 pics from 02-04-02 Raw.
02/05, New fan Fan Taker tattoo, Cenny's Awards for 2-04-02.

January 2002:
01/31, 2 interviews/articles added in Undertaker's Legacy, and 142 pics from 1-28-02 Raw.
01/30, Cenny's Awards for 1-28-02.
01/27, 134 pics from Jan 17th, 21st and 24th Smackdown and Raws.
01/25, Cenny's Awards for 1-21-02.
01/21, Front page changed up, much requested affiliate links will be added soon.
01/16, 45 pics from 1-14-02 Raw, and Cenny's Awards for 1-14-02.
01/13, Cenny's awards are back, with 2 new wads: Final wad for 2001 Part 2, and Awards for 1-7-02.
01/11, 19 pics from this weeks Raw and Smackdown added.
01/10, Want to waste some time? Play with this puzzle.
01/01/02, Happy New Year and all that crap, here's a new Undertaker Screensaver, Taker vs Mankind.

December 2001:
12/31, New Undertaker Wallpaper.
12/30, Cenny's Final wad for 2001.
12/27, new animated gif in Undertaker Media, and 34 pics from Raw 12-24-01.
12/22, 240 pics from Smackdown 12-20-01.
12/19, 4 videos in ASF from Raw.
12/18, 187 pics from Raw 12-17-01.
12/15, 94 pics from Smackdown 12-13-01.
12/13, Cenny's Awards for 12-10-01.
12/11, 111 pics from Raw 12-10-01.
12/10, 73 pics from Excess 12-8-01.
12/08, 170 pics from Smackdown 12-07-01.
12/06, 4 photos from the Yoko tribute show in Fan Photos.
12/05, Cenny's Awards for 12-03-01.
12/03, 56 pics from Raw 11-26-01, and 178 pics from Smackdown 11-29-01.
12/02, New Undertaker Wallpaper, and 71 pics from Undertaker's WWF Desire video.

November 2001:
11/29, For results and information about the Yokozuna Tribute show featuring the Undertaker, see WXW Wrestling.com. Cenny's Awards for 11-19-01 posted.
11/24, 204 pics from Smackdown 11-22-01.
11/20, Cenny's Awards for 11-19-01.

11/19, 73 pics from Excess 11-17-01 Vault: Taker vs Hogan 1991 Survivor Series.
11/18, 136 pics from Smackdown 11-8-01, and 94 pics from Raw 11-12-01.
11/16, Added Taker's "Desire" video to Featured Media, and 115 pics from Smackdown 11-15-01.
11/15, Cenny's Awards for 11-12-01, and 6 pics added in The Undertaker Gallery.
11/12, 132 pics from Raw 11-5-01.
11/09, Cenny's Awards for 11-08-01.
11/07, 5 new Undertaker Scans.
11/06, Broken links in UT AVIs, UT RMs, and a few other videos fixed.
11/03, 5 videos from PS WWF War Zone in Classic UT RMs.
11/01, Cenny's Awards for 10-29-01, and 4 pics added to Taker scans.

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