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Undertaker's Legacy

Undertaker's Legacy
The Original Undertaker

1990-1994: The original Undertaker, modeled after the late 1800's style Undertakers of the old west, exploded onto the scene at 11/22/90 Survivor Series. He made a strong showing, against the American Dream, Bret Hart, and Tombstoned Koko B Ware out of the match. He charged through the year as an evil force that fans had an attraction to. At his first Wrestlemania (WM7), he fought and defeated Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, the Phenom of his time, and earned the title of the Phenom. He then won his first WWF world title reign from Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series 1991, 1 year after his debut.

The Undertaker continued to awe wrestling fans with his power, agility and athletic ability through the years; and through feuds with Gonzalez, Kamala, and others, ending with a fued with Yokozuna(RIP) at the 1994 Royal Rumble, where it took 10 huge men to put the Undertaker in his own casket. After that, the Undertaker disappeared for a few months, and a faker returned to take his place. At SummerSlam 1994, the real Undertaker returned with Paul Bearer as-

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