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Undertaker Real Media: Survivor Series 2000

Items with a N are new and ALL of these videos are Crypt Originals and exclusives. Can't play the videos? Go to Real.com and download the latest free player.

Undertaker vs Kurt Angle-
Recapping events leading up to SSeries Part 1 (1 meg), Part 2 (1.1 megs)

Coach interviews Taker (700k)

Undertaker takes control after letting Angle get his licks in (1 meg)

Taker shouts Old School and walks the ropes (1.4 megs)

Taker rams Angle's back into the ring posts (1.2 megs)

Taker dominates Angle in the corner (880k)

Taker goes for an armbar submission (820k)

Taker wears out Angle then goes outside to take care of the Edge and Christian (1 meg)

Taker chokeslams Angle (560k)

Taker gives Angle a huge powerslam (1.1 megs)

Taker slams Angle's face into the turnbuckle (565k)

The Last Ride (1.2 megs)

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