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Items with a N are new and ones with a have other formats. ALL of these videos are Crypt originals unless otherwise noted. These videos were made for downloading rather than streaming, so if it tries to stream and plays too slowly, right click the link and save it to your hard drive.

Real Media Videos - Current Undertaker 2:
Undertaker/Lame vs Dudleys -Raw 2-5-01:
Taker tags in and works on Buh Buh 1.2megs
Taker ropewalks against D-Von 1 meg
Taker DDT's D-Von 710k
Taker flying clotheslines D-Von 565k
Taker chokeslams Buh Buh 890k
Taker chokeslams Buh Buh and takes care of E&C 1.2megs

Undertaker/Lame run in on Smackdown 2-8-01:
Taker chokeslams Edge 784k
Taker chokeslams Buh Buh 1 meg

Undertaker on Heat 02-11-01:
Taker holds a chokeslam on Funaki 1 meg
Taker Last Ride's Funaki 600k
Taker Last Ride's Funaki replay 750k

Undertaker on Raw 02-12-01 --:
Taker and Lame flapjack Edge 813k
Taker tags in and beats on Christian 1.1megs
Taker flying clotheslines Edge 622k
Taker chokeslams Christian 927k
Taker melees outside the ring 1 meg

Undertaker pounds on Christian- Smackdown 2-15-01:
Christian makes the mistake of jumping Taker 624k
Taker beats on Christian in the crowd 1.1megs
Taker and Lame chokeslam E&C 782k
Taker and Lame chokeslam E&C (replay) 778k

Undertaker vs Christian -Heat 2-18-01:
Taker overpowers Christian 899k
Taker powerslams Christian 822k
Taker goes out and floors Edge 712k
Taker continues to dominate Christian 834k
Taker DDTs Christian and knocks Edge off the apron 897k
Taker hits the Last Ride to win the match 922k
Last Ride replay 616k

Undertaker vs Christian vs D-von -Raw 2-19-01:
Taker works on D-von 652k
Taker works Christian 733k
Taker tosses out D-von and puts an armbar on Chrisitan 716k
Taker shoves Edge down by his face 778k
Taker chokeslams D-von 727k
Taker his the Last Ride for the win 1.6megs
Taker chokeslams Edge 898k
Match highlights 1 1.2megs
Match highlights 2 1meg
Taker goes to check out his bike 970k
Taker beats on both Dudleys 1 1meg
Taker beats on both Dudleys 2 962k

Undertaker/Lame/Rock vs Edge/Christian/Angle --:
Taker and Lame going down the hall 749k
No one wants to face Taker 1.6megs
Taker dominates Angle 1.2megs
Taker grabs Edge and holds him up for a doublehand choke 702k
Taker ropewalks and slams down on Edge 710k
Taker chokeslams Christian 593k
Taker and Lame play pong with Edge 464k

No Way Out 2001- UT/Lame vs E&C vs Dudleys --:
Replay of Taker's domination the previous Monday 902k
Taker/Lame slam E&C into the announce table repeatedly 807k
Taker/Lame powerslam E&C 650k
Taker hits a top turnbuckle clothesline 876k
Taker/Lame chokeslam E&C 535k
Taker/Lame chokeslam the Dudleys 429k

Taker/Lame take out Islanders and Dudleys --:
Taker attacks Rikishi 812k
Taker attacks Haku 940k
Taker/Lame chokeslam the Dudleys 506k

Undertaker/Lame/D-von vs Christian/Islanders --:
Replay of Taker/Lame's run in on Raw 736k
Taker starts the match with Rikishi 1.2megs
Taker hits Rikishi with a flying clothesline 434k
Taker walks the ropes 1.1 megs
Taker chokeslams Christian 711k
Taker gives Christian the Last Ride 637k
Replay of the Last Ride 812k

Undertaker/Lame vs Islanders (Taker does all the work) --:
Taker DDT's Haku 411k
Taker chokeslams Haku 899k
Taker chokeslams Haku replay 345k

Undertaker confronts Triple H, 3-8-01 Smackdown --:
Part 1 1.3megs
Part 2 1.4megs
Part 3 2megs
Part 4 1.7megs
Part 5 1.2megs
Part 6 891k
Part 7 1.2megs

Undertaker plugs the overpriced Wrestlemania book on Superstars 3-18 1.9 megs

Undertaker outsmarts Triple H, 3-19-01 Smackdown --:
Riding into the arena lot 498k
Taker shows Regal no respect 1.2 megs
Taker pounds Triple H 1.07 megs
Taker holds up Triple H and knocks down Big Slow 1.09 megs
Taker chokeslams Test 621k
Replay of Taker pounding Triple H 1 meg
Replay of Taker holding up Triple H 1.1 meg
Taker persuades Regal for a match vs Triple H at WM 1.4 megs

Undertaker/Lame vs Rock/Austin:
Kelly Interviews Taker 2.3megs
Kelly still interviewing Taker 2 megs
Taker clotheslines Rock 465k
Taker battles Austin 803k
Taker continues on Austin 990k
Taker chokeslams Austin 405k

WrestleMania X7 weekend --:
Taker at Ft. Hood 1 816k
Taker at Ft. Hood 2 1.1megs
Taker attacks HHH at Axxess 1.4megs
Taker warms up backstage 889k
Taker starts off attacking Triple H 1.2megs
Taker backdrops Triple H 398k
Taker slams HHH 973k
Taker flying clotheslines HHH 319k
Taker fights back off the mat 949k
Taker chokeslams HHH 496k
Taker beats on HHH on the soundstage 754k
Taker chokeslams HHH off the soundstage 1.1megs
Replay of the chokeslam 929k
Taker drops an elbow onto HHH off the soundstage 596k
Taker shoves away EMTs and continues to pummel HHH 871k
Taker hits the Tombstone 1 meg
Taker hits the Last Ride out of the corner for the win 1 meg
Last Ride replay 887k
Taker mouths "This is my F'n yard" 284k
Highlights from the match at the end of the show 632k

4-5-01 Smackdown (Taker/Lame vs RTC) --:
Note: There's no audio on any of these clips save the last one
Taker tags in and hits a flying clothesline 916k
Taker goes old school 954k
White socks gets his ass kicked by Taker 1.1megs
Double chokeslam to RTC 552k
Richards takes the Last Ride 798k
Taker and Lame take out Big Slob 1.4megs

4-9-01 Raw (Taker runs in and Taker vs Big Slow) --:
Taker saves Lame from Slow and Angle 1.4megs
Double chokeslam on the Big Slow 536k
Chokeslam Replay 666k
Taker backstage 812k
Taker starts out on the Big Slow 658k
Taker continues the assault 1.2megs
Taker Powerbombs Slow out of the corner 619k
Powerbomb replay 999k

Taka goes for the Last Ride 781k (--)

4-16-01 Raw --:
Taker saves Lame backstage, again 898k
Taker gives Richards some advice 973k

4-29-01 Backlash (1-4 have no audio):
Taker/Lame fight Austin/HHH outside the ring 1 meg
Taker beats on Austin some more 630k
Taker stomps a mudhole in Austin 1.2megs
Taker beats Austin pillar to post 1.4megs
Taker kicks Austin in the face 627k
Taker dominates Hunter 1.1megs
Old school on Hunter 667k
Old school on Austin 1.2megs
Taker fights out of the corner 572k
Undertaker DDT's HHH 336k
Undertaker fights both Austin and Hunter 869k
Undertaker clotheslines both Austin and Hunter 476k
Undertaker chokeslams Austin 435k
Undertaker on a rampage 1 816k
Undertaker on a rampage 2 1.4megs
Hunter takes the Last Ride 1.3megs

5-01-01 Raw- Undertaker vs Asstin:
Lilian interviews Taker p1 1.9megs
Interview p2 1.7megs
Interview p3 1.7megs
Warming up backstage 783k
Taker beats on Austin backstage 1.1megs
Taker fights Austin on the ramp 1.1megs
Big boot to Austin 707k
Taker fights off Austin and HHH 1meg

5-03-01 Smackdown: Undertaker on a Rampage!:
Taker's speech part 1 1.3megs
Part 2 1.6megs
Part 3 1.4megs
Taker dares Vince 1.5megs
Taker attacks Asstin 1.5megs
Taker throws Asstin through glass 1.4megs
Taker attacks Asstin in the ambulance 2.4megs
Debra confronts Taker 1.9megs
Taker circles his prey and lays out Vince 1.5megs
Taker warming up backstage 789k
Flying clothesline on Rikishi 385k
Old school on Rikishi 833k
Taker beats on Rikishi outside the ring 1.3megs
Taker battles and DDt's Rikishi 1meg
Taker clotheslines Rikishi 431k
Undertaker chokeslams Rikishi 509k
Taker beats on Rikishi with a chair 2.9megs

5-15-01 Raw:
Taker's lookin for someone brave enough to fight him 1.2 megs
Austin's so full of crap his eyes are startin to turn brown 1.5 megs
Taker springs the trap 1.4 megs
Taker and Lame clear the ring 1.9 megs

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