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Items with a N are new and ones with a * are Crypt Originals.

Media of the Phenom with "*"'s are ones I have made myself, please don't swipe them without permission or credit and in NO condition link directly to them. HOWEVER, the Crypt acknowledges that all TV media is property of the WWF, and is not out to infringe it, but provide an informative and educational resource on an audio/visual level.

Undertaker Audio Clips
Desc. File Type(s)/Size Length
* NTaker calls in to Excess (9-8-01) wav, ra wav=1.7m/ra=897k 7:06
*No place to run, no place to hide wav, rm wav=53k/rm=25k 0:04
* Taker's speech to Hunter on 3-8-01 Smackdown wav=775k 3:09
* "Somebody's got a death wish, and their wish is about to come true" wav=45k 0:03
* "I'll take the whole damn WWF and stick it right up your ass" wav=16k 0:04
* "Hey woman, you scared?" wav=12k 0:03
* "I'm just a man looking for somebody brave enough to fight me" wav=17k 0:04
* "You're so full of crap, your eyes are startin to turnin brown" wav=26k 0:06
* "Give your soul to the lord, because your ass belongs to me" wav=28k 0:06
* "I will break you" wav=11k 0:02
* "Bad things happen in my yard" wav=4k 0:03
* "When you walk through these ropes, you're in my yard" wav=93k 0:08
* "I like to bleed, it turns me on" wav=161k 0:23
* "Kickin people's ass is what I'm all about" wav=713k 0:16
* "I'm all about hurtin people".wav, mp3 wav=178k/mp3=65k 0:15
* Taker talks about Sid's "odoriferous emanation".wav, mp3 wav=170k/mp3=121k 0:29
* "Pain is the name of the game" wav=3k 0:02
*Deadman walking wav=43k 0:02
*That ring, it's my yard wav=544k 0:12
* Taker gives RTC his answer (11/02/00 Smackdown) wav=388k 0:24
*"I think you talk funny" wav=30k 0:07
*9-18 Raw:"Down with the Devil…"wav, mp3, ra w=480k/m=77k/r=114k 0:10
*Taker's speech to Angle(7-10-00 RAW).mp3, .ra m=655k/r=853k 2:43
*"Chew your own ass out"(7-10-00 RAW) wav=562k 0:25
*(bong) He's Here mp3=24k 0:04
*A REAL Bad Ass Champ(6-22-00 Smackdown).wav, mp3 w=525k/mp3=59k 0:11
* Taker talks about Kid Rock(Superstars).wav, mp3,ra w=545k/m=197k/r=516k 0:48
*Taker's Speech on SmackDown 5/26/00.wav, mp3, ra w=500k/m=500k/r=300k 1:11
Taker on a Texas radio show ra=410k 3:15
*UT at the SummerSlam press Conference wav=402k 0:18
*UT talks about his "funny" car wav=118k 0:05
"You gonna pick that up?" wav=47k 0:06
"What happens when you rip the balls off of a bull" wav=110k 0:10
"Your blood is going to be on my hands" wav=101k 0:12
"Which one of you has a set of testicles" wav=180k 0:22
"Shut up before I come down there and rip your throat out" wav=61k 0:05
Taker calls Vince a Pencil Neck geek! wav=177k 0:08
Nice ass('96 Slammys) wav=36k 0:03

Undertaker Music
Desc. File Type(s)/Size Length
Taker's 1998-99 theme mp3=800k 3:32
*Taker's Theme 95-98 mp3=540k 1:29
Theme used 1995-1998 midi=9k 2:04
Theme used 1998-99 midi=47k 3:23

Undertaker on Poltergeist
Desc. (Thanks to Croberson1 for these) File Type(s)/Size Length
I'll be your escort..(sci-fi host) wav=59k 0:07
When a soul escapes..(sci-fi host) wav=120k 0:15
Escape must be punished wav=44k 0:05
Time's up wav=78k 0:03
2 against 1? wav=58k 0:07
Not Alone.. wav=60k 0:07
Who's gunna stop me.. wav=18k 0:02
Just relax.. wav=51k 0:06

* Undertaker WinAMP Skin (Preview)
* Desert Undertaker WinAMP Skin (Preview)

N * Gray Undertaker WinAMP Skin (Preview)

To install a skin UnZip it into it's OWN directory under the "skins" directory.

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