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Frequently Unanswered Questions

Regarding use of pictures/stuff:
If you want to use some pictures and/or media for your site or club, all I ask is that you say where you got them from and provide a link back to this site. If you do this, please load the stuff to your own server.

Are you the Undertaker?
NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, get it?

Are you Stone Cold Steve Austin?
(ok so only ONE person asked this) See above and multiply it by 1,000.

Do you work for the WWF/WWE/is this the official Undertaker site?
No, (but I might if they asked me), this is an UNOFFICAL, UNSOLICITED fansite affiliated with no one and nothing, especially not the WWF.
Also, in case it wasn't made clear above, I'm NOT the Undertaker.

What's the name of the song from Undertaker's Wrestlemania 14 entrance?
O' Fortuna.

What happened to all the media?
First, one of the hosts vanished. Second, the other host claimed they no longer had the capacities to server it all. The third was the copyright mess. Though going deeper into the third one, the actual motivation was most likely they didn't feel like living up to the deal they had offered, since they also targeted media that the owner of the domain had, which was videos of himself (he OWNED the copyright to them). Pro-active policing of hosts' network is not reqired by law (the DMCA, what they fear so much, actually *protects* them if they comply to a takedown notice. If the guy actually received one, he did not tell us.), but if hosts keep doing pro-active policing, it WILL end up a requirement, further jacking prices as they need more resources to do do said policing.

If a train leaves Chicago at 4.5m/s/s tappering off at 200kph, and another train leaves Boston traveling at a contstant speed of 200kph given that the distance between Boston and Chicago is 3,000km how long will it take the two trains to collide and where?

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