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Le Sigh

8/01/02 - It's been over a month since I have received word about the hosting ordeal that would spell the end of the media and a portion of the pics, and that has nothing to do with Tripod.
For those wondering what the ordeal is, it's basically a policy change/Terms of Service change. Unfortunately this site violates most hosting company's ToS even if it was the main site on the account. It also exceeds the majority of host's alotted space/bandwidth limits (never buy into that unlimited shit, a good site for a bit of info is UnlimBand.com) on accounts that aren't full dedicated servers. This makes moving irrelevant when it comes to the continued existence of the larger content this site, there's no place to go.

With all that said, I still haven't heard the final verdict. Quite annoying when you're trying to make a decision. So until I hear it and hopefully have enough time to mention it here, I'm not going to worry about it anymore. If the time comes when the larger content has to go, I'll retain the creative portions of the site and possibly as many pics as I can, and large media will be posted on a time-limited or rotational basis (if there is a demand for such). Those who give a shit will stick with it, and those who don't, won't.

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