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(more) DISCLAIMERS and such:

This site is an NON-COMMERCIAL, PRIVATE site, as nothing is being sold. Most original graphics on display on this site were made by me, unless otherwise noted and may NOT be used without permission. The Crypt retains FULL COPYRIGHTS on ALL ORIGINAL artwork and creations, and they aren't to be used without permission. The Crypt does not claim to own and does not sell anything that involves the Undertaker or the WWF, but works originating on this site are exclusive and cannot be used on other sites without permission. Use some courtesy, will ya? For those of you who have asked, thanks, I really appreciate it.

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Photos and such are property of the original owners, if you wanna swipe those, at least credit their names, though a link back here as well would be nice too. Media from TV is the property of the WWF (WWFE/Titan Sports, where fans mean nothing, greed means everything, and MONOPOLY is practiced every day! Being a DirecTV subscriber, you can tell I'm a bit PISSED), and is provided as a source of reference/information/research/reporting and parodies. No infringement is intended. nor should be inferred, so leave me alone. But that doesn't give others the right to leech it from me without permission, use some courtesy and ask, or just give a link back to the site, is that really so hard? I am NOT the Undertaker, I don't KNOW the Undertaker, I don't work for or know anyone that works for the WWF (I.E. AM NOT affiliated with WWFE/Titan Sports, nor is this site endorsed by the WWF. Hell I don't even endorse the WWF, I just like the Undertaker). Chibi-Taker is was created by me, so if you want to use it, please ask and say where you got him from. Sabretooth's Corrupted Crypt, it's creator, and it's affiliates realize and acknowledge that the Undertaker is a trademark/copyright/reserved/whatever by the WWF, and is not out to infringe all that, just provide information on an audio/visual level to fans, surfers and researchers alike. Don't you hate reading small text? By the way did I say I'm NOT the Undertaker?
And remember, monopolies and the companies that practice them SUCK.

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