The Creatures Words on Austin

Why I hate Stone Cold Steve Austin
by : CorpMin

1.Do you know what SCSA stands for? Stone Cold sucks ass.
2.He has 3 moves.
3.The Stone Cold Stunner sucks
4.He hates The Undertaker.
5.He is a drunk.
6.He sends out a bad message to kids.
7.He has the worst mic skills - all the immature people in the audience cheer at the word "jackass". What the hell is so great about that? TheUndertaker however, happens to have the best mic skills.
8.He couldn't do a moonsault or The Undertaker's flip clothesline if his life depended on it.
9.He isn't strong enought to lift anyone up for a tombstone except possibly Gillberg.
10.He seems to find that his guiding light is his middle finger.

Dark End writes:

I've got some problems with Austin:
How long is he gonna keep this gimmick? Some gimmicks are very good and get better over time (ie: Undetaker, The Rock), but Austin's was lame from the beginning. All he does is come out, swear a lot, complain about getting screwed out of matches, and yell. Oh yeah, he flips the crowd off too. The crowd cheers, and he shows his respect by flipping them off. Oh yeah, how often does he actually wrestle? And whenever he wrestles, he wants to beat on someone that isn't qualified (ie: Vince McMahon). And how come no one can ever beat him fairly. Whenever he loses the title, it's always due to outside interference, or something like that. And how bout we have someone else win the Royal Rumble next year, so that some new talent could get a WM title shot. How bout The Big Show, or HHH, or even Jeff Jarret? And what the hell is with the stupid god damned awful elbow drop he always does?
The book of "Austin 3:16" must be closed, burned and it's ashes locked away somewhere (the ashes wouldn't be cast off to sea, that would kill the fish).

Jessica writes:

I think stone cold steve austin should shut up for once. He had his time of glory and the belt.
I think austin is nothing more than a cry-baby. He can't take a lose like a real man. One day, fans will get tired of Austin. When that happens, everyone will start hating him. He already had his chance of sweet glory.i think it's time the Undertaker had his chance at the glory.

Syn (of Road to Hell) writes:

1. He's a pure, hick, red-neck. People with gunracks SCARE me.
2. For crying-out-loud, he looks like a giant thumb with his head shaved like that! And what's worse, he looks even more hideous WITH hair!
3. I only know one other that can drink beer like Austin, and that's my dog. And even Pooches can drink with less spillage.
4. D-AAAAAAAAAAAMN! Where the h*ll did Austin pick language like that up!? Didn't his momma teach him the proper f*cking manners!? Chr*st! Boy, don't make me come after you with the f*cking soap to rinse out those nasty-*ss sh*t words!
5. NO one gets away with hitting my Undertaker in the head with a shovel. That's just not right. *hiss*

DDPTaker writes:

Now, As You Can See, This Page Is Truely..........THE TRUTH!!!! With Austin, No Longer The WWF Champion, You Can Now See We Have A Champion To Be Proud Of! The Undertaker. The Phenom! The Dead Man! Although He Beat Austin Fair And Square, I Might Add, This Is Just The Beginning! Austin, Prepare For Your Death! It's Obvious That You Have Fallen!

<~~ H vv~~>
<~~ VV VV' p vv~~>
<~~ VV ' p vv~~>
<~~ H vv~~>
<~~ VV VV' p vv~~>
<~~ VV ' p vv~~>
<~~ H vv~~>
<~~ H vv~~>

Stone Cold Steve Austin..............This Man Is A Complete Joke To The Wrestling World. The Undertaker Is The WWF Champion. Get Used To It! All Who Praise Austin Are Looking Up To The Wrong Person! Look Up To Your Lord. Your Savior. Your Master! The Undertaker Is The Phenom. The Dark One. The Angle Of The Night. Austin, You Come Out Here And Run Your Mouth, And It's Making All The Creatures Of The Night As Sick As Hell!!! So Mark My Words, With The Undertaker As WWF Champion, There Will Be No Remourse. There Will Be A Sacrafice. For The Undertaker Is The Soul Chaser. The Weaver Of Nightmares. The Lord Of Darkness.

The Mistress Denise (of The Mistress and Her Tribute to the Ministry of Darkness) writes:

Asstin is a jerk, he bitches too damn much for anyone's good.
My Lord and Savior, the Undertaker is better than Asstin will EVER be and has ever been.
And now that he's the WWF champion(A title which he rightfully deserves) it's the Lord of Darkness' turn to open a can of whoopass on everyone starting with Asstin!(Ed's note: I say he open up a CASKETFULL of "whoopass"!)

More from Denise!

Asstin as WWF CEO?! HELL NO!!!
He got screwed out of the WWF title, and now he owns the joint?!
This is ridiculous!!
You think Commissioner Shawn Michaels approved this stupid move?
Linda Mac, you've been drinking WAY too many Steveweisers!
What the hell were you thinking?!
This sucks! He won't be CEO for long if the Dark Lord has anything to say about it!
And Undertaker had better have something to say before the WHOLE WWF is taken over by Asstin and his abuse of power!

The Creatures of the Night Request Asstin's Demise:

The happiest night of my life was the night of a RAW where Asstin got sacrificed to our Lord of Darkness. I too am sick and tired of Asstin. In fact, I was just on and I took the opportunity to tell them what I think about their "brilliant" ideas. The Undertaker is an athlete, a phenom, a wrestler who deserves alot more than he's getting right now. I am tired of Asstin being the one who can do no wrong. I am tired of seeing him come out and save the day. I am tired of seeing him flip people off, spitting his crap about "cause stone cold says so", guzzling beer like some sort of neanderthal, his numerous low blows (Taker at the Raw 5/31), the fact that no one can beat him. Damnit, I am just sick and tired of seeing him at all. OUR DARK LORD, THE UNDERTAKER, SHALL SET HIM ABLAZE ALONG WITH THE SYMBOL. REST IN PEACE, ASSTIN. The Twisted Sisters

XUnder TakerX writes:
I HATE Stone Cold Steve Austin because...
(1) He's really BORING. I don't understand the appeal for a man with no gimmick. The only things he's got going is his anti-authority trip and his "quest" for the WWF championship. He's got NOTHING going for him... whereas the Undertaker's role has room for development and change (I mean, look how he's lasted for what, like, 10 years without getting boring. He was like my first favorite wrestler growing up!)
(2) He's a whiny bastard. I heard his whining was why the Rock turned heel--he was getting to popular they said.
(3) It doesn't seem like he works as hard as the other guys/girls of the WWF. He always comes out at the end of a Raw for like two seconds for a match that's a total joke. The only other times he's actually on the show is when he's in the back and all the Austin-lovers start cheering for some reason... (Though I don't know if he does house shows a lot, so I can't really say)
(4) No mic skills. He's just boring, he says the same stuff: "...that's all I got to say about that... cuz Stone Cold says so... and that's the bottom line... blah blah..." See? No development (though the people don't seem to care about that)!

There's probably a lot of other stuff I'm forgetting, but lemme just say that when SCSA first started to get popular in the WWF..., that was what made me stop watching for a period of time. See? I HATE AUSTIN!

The Big Chew writes:

Austin is B.S. He does the same thing every week. He also wins against imposible odds. All he does is swear, and he becomes a hero because of it. He has a limited number of moves, that all suck. I also hate it how big fat white trash women and stupid pencil necked men worship him and if you tell them why he sucks they just get pissed off at you. I have been a fan for sence I was 6 and I have seen many dumb wrestlers but Austin takes the cake. I am glad to see that I am not the only person on the planet to see that Austin sucks and see him for what he really is. Who is the best? Undertaker, I have seen him in the WWF since his start and I have seen him beat guys who would have a feild day with Austin's sorry candy ass. So why can Austin beat Undertaker? That is what I want to know!
-"May the Force be with you" THE BIG CHEW

WDarrow1 writes:

I wanna see him get tombstoned, because he is scared of that move, he fought UT about 5 times already, and has never once been tombstoned. When he fought Kane and UT, what move did they beat him with??? The double chokeslam, hmmm, no tombstone. Let the world know, Austin is afraid of losing to the Undetaker, he is afraid of the tombstone. REST IN PEACE!!!!!


The Top 10 resons that I hate Austin:

10) He hasn't even been in the WWF very long and already he's had title shots up his...
9) His "wrestling matches" consist of the following steps: punches, a kick to the stomach, a "stunner", and flicking the opponent off.
8) It made me realize something I really didn't need to know: how much of the WWF's audience really are rednecks with less intelligence than Jerry lawler (and that's hard to accomplish)
7) That he always claims to have been "screwed" when he loses while whenever other matches are interfered with by or for him it is "justice".
6) He is the worst role model imaginable: drinking, drinking and driving, swearing, threatening to shoot someone if you don't get what you want, the list goes on...
5) He has sufficiently denied allowing any other WWF Superstar (read: Undertaker!) from having the title for a decent length of time.
4) His whining and moaning about his "smoking skull belt".
3) In a real fight he'd probably lose to Gillberg!
2) He has no wrestling skills, mic skills, or charisma whatsoever.

And the number one reason I hate Austin: 1) I have no tolerance whatsoever for drunks, rednecks, idiots, or people who can't formulate a sentence without using a vulgarity. Austin is all of the above.

Requiescat In Pace,
Mors {}

From deadman_mod_666 (MOD Man):

Top 20 Why Austin Sucks
20- He bitches about everything
19- He isn't allowed to lose unless he is screwed
18- He couldn't even come up with his own alias
17- He flips me off ever week
16- He makes me want to drink and drive
15- He can't make it through a RAW without tripping himself, or falling over.
14- He has less than 5 moves if even that many
13- He thinks he is in a boxing federation
12- He says the same thing over and over
11- He can't withstand pain
10- He probably doesn't take showers or baths
09- He walks, talks, punches, and flips you off like a drunk, not like he's an alcoholic or anything like that (NOT!)
08- He has 50 billion Knee braces
07- He has a low blow as a set up move.
06- He is not allowed to have some moves performed on him, come on you sissy wear it.
05- His finisher cant hurt you even if he did it right
04- He has only been in the wwf for a short time and is all of a sudden the best wwf champion to ever live uh uh Deadman don't see it that way.
03- He probably has drank one whole can of beer his whole life.
02- He cheats in every single match
01- He is allowed to defeat the undertaker (that has to stop)

Nice!! Keep the thoughts coming.
The Creatures have spoken! I hope the WWF is listening...
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