The Creatures Words on Austin

Dorothy writes:

#1 He promots drinking to the young kids who look up to him.
#2 He swears all the time what a role model for our kids.
#3 He cheats all the time those dam low blows of his piss me off.
#4 He always attacks people from behind he never does it face to face.


Another Creature writes:
I hope WWF realizes that not only is the Undertaker is a higher draw than SCSA, but the fan WILL tire of SCSA beer drinking, swearing ways very soon.

The internet may be flooded w/ SCSA sites, the Creatures and fans of The Undertaker makes SCSA flood look like a small pond!!!

The Undertaker should be allowed to keep the F***ing belt longer than one month (which, I predict, is when he have to "job" it over to a lesser talent)!!!

Mark Calloway is a flesh and bone person who has been in this business many years. To see his mistreatment (angle wise) from the WWF is disgusting!! He needs to be allowed to rest his injuries and remain a very vital personality for the federation.

From one of His Creatures of the Night!!

Cenny writes:

I've said it before and I'll say it again.....
Why not just call the Monday show "Cold is Old"! I am sick of that no-talent redneck.
The "book of Austin 3:16"?? Stamp it: "REFUSED> RETURN TO SENDER"!
Most of the others have at least one thing to offer. Either they're very talented in the ring, they have great mic skills, or they look good (at least to some people). The Undertaker is "all of the above"....Austin is "None of the above".


Riga Mortise writes:

Why I Hate The Beer Bellied S.O.B,
by Riga Mortise

Ok, a man walks into a WWFevent, walks out to the ring, beats the living crap out of a popular wrestler, flicks off the entire croud, including his fans, and pours beer all over himself stupidly wasting it all but the tiny bit that he pratically chokes on.......and what does the audience do????? why they cheer of course!!!!!!
Because everyone loves Stone Cold Steve Austin *cough, cough, cough* everyone except those with half a brain cell.
What I don't understand is how people can cheer for a obnoxious, rude, stuck up, bald, loud mouthed, idiot. How can people stand someone who can't keep his freakin mouth shut long enough to even swallow the beer he tries to chug?!!?!?!!
I could keep going but I think actions speak as loud as Austin's words.
Riga's work!


1. He has very few moves
2. Asstin treats his "fans" direspectfully (in other words he flips them off and gives them a hard look)
3. He really has no fans only beer bellied zombies (really).
4. All the wrestlers (especially UT) are forced to job every match w/ him.
5. No one can really compete w/ Asstin. Since he bitches about anyting on TV. Any match that Asstin loses, he is "screwed"(ppplease!)
6. SCSAsstin promotes alcholic drinks to the young fans of the WWF, simply by making the drink a symbol of a so-called "victory"
7. When Asstin "won" the match at the SluttySlam last year, the UT respectfully handed him the title. Now at Over the Edge (Owen god be with you), WWF writers made the UT win the title like a thief in the night. After this happened, on HEAT Asstin said that you can't look into my (red) eyes and say that you are the WWF cnamp!
8. He's the BIGGEST push of a wrestler that I have ever witnessed! (even Hulk Hogan!!)
9. The Asstin angle doesn't make sense. Its going nowhere!
10. I AM SICK OF THE SUMMARIZING he makes after any match or challenge. If a little kid came up to him and ask if he could challenge him to a friendly baseball game, WE would hear Asstin bitching and summarizing in his favor on TV about it!!!!!!!!!
11. He's snister ignorant beer smelling "smile"!
12. He has no hair. Except peach fuzz on his piple infested chin.
13. He supports and practices animal hunting sports.
14. Asstin never did win any title fairly!
15. MacMoron likes him now!
16. To add even more to his pathetic sluggish brawling style, he can't wrestle for one second without shaking his head. Apparently this must be the REAL reason why he's called the puss.."rattlesnake".
17. Go to the dictionary and look up drunk! (you will see Asstin's family portrait there)
18. WWF writers
19. Asstin ignores all intelligent responses and questions. EX: The Undertaker on HEAT. Asstin probably didn't hear the UT because Asstin had a HANG OVER!!!!!!!
20 Asstin is never fair
21. Hes not athletic
22. He drives like a drunk!
23. He is a drunk
24. See #12 and think of an elephant over two tons, THAT's what his mother looks like!
25. His name

Now You can tell that I don't like this guy (only obvious). I believe that SCSA is the most over rated wrestler in all of wrestling history! He is portayed as a hero, yet he flips off even his own fans (he has none). Asstin is boring and unoriginal. I get so tired of the reaction the crowd makes when this drunkin fool walks into the arena! Heck even before that we have to witness SCSAsstin enter into the arena, he walks in cicles which seems like for eternity just to drink beer, swear and flip off people! I for one am tired of Asstin's image and gimmicks. They are used up and boring yet agrain! WWF needs to adjust thier strategy and focus on new an exciting wrestlers than to give Asstin everything! He is not the greatest WWF champ, he never won it fairly (and without using a low blow) in the first place. COTN against Steve Asstin... NOW that sounds like a union!

let the purity of DARKSPADE guide you! that's right!

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