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Screams in the Night!

NOTICE: These are uncensored thoughts. They all have some profanity. Several of them (especially songs) are done in parody/satire. If you don't like that, then don't read it.

Creatures Against Austin
The old anti-Austin section built back when the Creatures were sick of Undertaker's endless jobbing to him, or general fans were tired of the constant focus on him.
Cenny's Awards- Updated Weekly

Deadman's Last Ride Archives

Yet to be named column by Harleykins.


Anti-Austin rant from the Lady of Darkness

Songs re-written to reflect certain wrestlers
Angle-Changin Heaven (about Lame/Kane) by TakerECW, originally Super Charger Heaven
King Drinking (about Austin) by TakerECW, originally King Nothing
Pretty Fly for a Red Guy (about Lame)- by TakerECW, originally Pretty Fly for a White
3 Songs by Cenny -((Kaney the Big Red Loser (Rudolph the red nosed reindeer), Austin SUCKS (Jingle Bells), and Ameri-KANE Fat Ass (American Bad Ass))

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