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Items with a N are new and ones with a * are Crypt Originals and exclusives, and ones with a have other formats.

Media of the Phenom with "*"'s are ones I have made myself, please don't swipe them without permission or credit and in NO condition link directly to them. HOWEVER, the Crypt acknowledges that all TV media is property of the WWF, and is not out to infringe it, but provide an informative and educational resource on an audio/visual level.

Featured Media
Audio/Video of Taker specials, so far containing Taker on
Superstars Halloween Horror Nights special, Taker on
E! News Weekend, Taker at the WM press conference, Taker on Byte This,
and the "WWF Desire" video.

Undertaker Audio Clips

Undertaker AVI Videos

Undertaker Real Media Videos
Current WWF shows

Undertaker ASF Videos
Current WWF shows

MPEG Movies:
Some new mpegs may require the Angel Potion decoder, usually the ones with the "*"

Undertaker MPEG Clips
Desc. File Size Date
Taker SHATTERS a bat over the Big Joke's skull 282k 1999
Undertaker whips Christian! 282k 1999
Hitting Lame(Kane) with a chair 296k 1999
Tombstoning the Rock 299k 1999
Tossing Asstin off a ledge 296k 1999
Chokeslamming the Rock 299k 1999
Undertaker emerges from the closet and grabs McMahon 305k 1999
Last Ride on Angle 927k 2000
Chokeslam on Triple H 354k 2000
*Undertaker slams Christian 783k 12/21/00 Smackdown
*Undertaker chokeslams Edge 750k 12/21/00 Smackdown
*Pain is the name of the game 542k 2000
*Taker chokeslams Rock 868k 12/25/00 Raw
*Taker DDT's Rock 576k 12/25/00 Raw
*Taker DDT's Rikishi 571k 01/01/01 Raw
*Taker chokeslams Christian 962k 02/22/01 Smackdown
*Taker and Lame beat on Edge 743k 02/22/01 Smackdown
* Taker shakes that ass(very small) 151k 02/22/01 Smackdown
*Taker/Lame chokeslam the Dudleys 857k 02/25/01 No Way Out
*Taker hits a flying clothesline on Rikishi 856k 03/01/01 Smackdown
*Taker DDT's Haku 989k 03/05/01 Raw
*Taker chokeslams Haku 462k 03/05/01 Raw
* Taker rides into Raw 793k 03/19/01 Raw
* Taker chokeslams Austin 1meg 03/26/01 Raw
* Taker backdrops HHH 693k 04/01/01 WM-X7
* Taker clotheslines HHH 766k 04/01/01 WM-X7
* Taker chokeslams HHH 498k 04/01/01 WM-X7
* Taker mouths "This is my F'n Yard" 322k 04/01/01 WM-X7
* Taker clotheslines Bull 242k 04/05/01 Smackdown
* Taker chokeslams Goodfather 398k 04/05/01 Smackdown
* Taker/Lame double chokeslam the Big Slob 805k 04/09/01 Raw
*Taker powerbombs the Big Slob out of the corner 588k 04/09/01 Raw
*Taker long chokeslams Hunter 1.1megs 04/23/01 Raw
*Taker DDT's Hunter 358k 04/29/01 Backlash
*Taker chokeslams Austin 701k 04/29/01 Backlash
*Taker flying clotheslines Rikishi 602k 05/03/01 Smackdown
*Taker clotheslines Rikishi 757k 05/03/01 Smackdown
*Taker chokeslams Rikishi 889k 05/03/01 Smackdown
*Taker chokeslams Austin through a table 1meg 05/20/01 Judgment Day
*Taker chokeslams Austin 1meg 05/20/01 Judgment Day
*Taker clotheslines Bubba 425k 06/25/01 Raw
*Taker drops a leg on D-von 1meg 06/25/01 Raw
*Taker chokeslams Bubba 1meg 06/25/01 Raw
*Taker flys over the top rope 851k 07/12/01 Smackdown
*Taker hits a leg drop on Rhyno 780k 07/16/01 Raw
*Taker's flying clothesline on Bubba 718k 07/30/01 Raw
*Taker chokeslams Bubba off the top rope 1meg 07/30/01 Raw
N *Taker's flying clothesline on Albert 846k 08/27/01 Raw

Quicktime Movies
* The UnHoly Chokeslam at KotR 2000 932k
Undertaker hangs Bossman at WM 15 2.1 megs
Taker fighting Shawn at Ground Zero 225k
Hits Mankind with stairs, MK goes through table (Revenge of the Taker 97) 546k
Tombstone Mankind on chair 538k
Taker throws Mankind through an IYH stage 380k
Beating on Slaughter backstage 1.7 megs
Rope walk at the Inferno match 2.8 megs
Smacks Vince with a chair 1.2 megs
Undertaker's Theatre of Doom (from Sci-Fi)-
Army of Darkness intro 2.7 megs
Temple of Doom 2.1 megs
Tales From the Crypt 1.8 megs
The Terminator 1.5 megs

Animated GIFs
* Taker punches Asstin in the nuts
* Taker's UnHoly Chokeslam at KotR 540k
* Undertaker's leap over the ropes in the inferno match
*Taker powerbombs Slow out of the corner 364k
*Taker gives Angle the Last Ride 727k
Taker chokeslams Mankind onto tacks (Hell in a Cell 98) 411k
Taker tombstones Goldust 338k
Taker chokeslams Hunter(old) 293k
Taker throws Mankind off the Cell 254k
* Taker Chokeslams Patterson through a table 391k
*Taker flys over the ropes onto a bunch of ECW guys 535k (7-12-01 Smackdown)
N*Taker gives Jeff Hardy the Last Ride 469k (12-14-01 Raw)

For gory animated gifs check out The Decapitorium

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