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Real Media Videos - Current Undertaker 3:
Undertaker on 5-18-01 Smackdown:
Taker breaks into Asstin's locker room 1.1megs
Asstin tells Taker HHH made the call 1.1megs
Taker warns Asstin 663k
Taker demands a match with Triple H 1.7megs
Taker beats Triple H on the ramp 898k
Taker beats Triple H on the ovaltron 1.3megs
Taker beats Triple H back down the ramp 1.2megs
Taker continues to beat Triple H down the ramp 1.3megs
Taker beats Triple H on the announce table 1.1megs
Taker grabs Triple H and beats on him in the corner 1.2megs
Taker grabs Triple H in a sensitive spot and beats on him in the corner again 1.5megs
Taker chokeslams Triple H 1.1megs
Taker sets up Triple H 1.2megs

Raw 6-4-01:
Taker slaps Heyman 1.1megs
Taker kicks in Vince's door 1.5megs
Vince swears he didn't do it 1.7megs
A final warning to Vince 1.1megs

Livewire 6-9-01 (Smackdown recap): Taker jumps Shane 2 megs

RAW 6-11-01:
Taker confronts Angle 1.3megs
Taker decks Angle 1.6megs
Angle gets the Last Ride 915k

King of the Ring 6-24-01:
Taker makes DDP wait 2megs
Taker dominates DDP 1.6megs
Taker retaliates 714k
Taker spears/gores DDP over the announce table 992k
Taker beats on DDP more 1.2 megs
Taker kick DDP out of the ring 578k

Raw 6-25-01:
Flying clothesline on Bubba 208k
Ropewalk on Bubba 758k
Legdrop on D-von 543k
Taker beats on Bubba 986k
Taker chokeslams Bubba 682k

Raw 7-9-01:
Undertaker beats on DDP 740k
Taker beats on Shane 1meg

Smackdown 7-12-01:
Taker warns Vince not to screw with him 1meg
Taker warns Austin 715k
Taker talks strategy backstage 1meg
Taker shuts Kurt up 1.3megs
Taker and Angle beat on Shane 972k
Taker beats on Shane 1.4megs
Taker manhandles DDP 1.2megs
A DDT and chokeslam for Page 1.1megs
Shane goes for the Last Ride 1.4megs
Taker and Angle take care of the invaders 1.3megs
Taker takes care of Hugh Morris 661k
Taker Flys over the ropes on to the invaders 1meg

Raw 7-16-01:
Taker gives the WWF a pep talk 1.9megs
Taker and Lame take on Rhyno and DDP 645k
Taker beats on Rhyno 929k
Taker legdrops Rhyno 629k
Taker goes old school Rhyno 561k
Taker manhandles DDP 550k
Taker and Lame doublechokeslam some short guys 480k
Taker helps up Angle 478k

Invasion 7-22-01:
Taker backstage with Vince 1.6megs
Flying clothesline on Bubba 846k
Ropewalk on Bubba 707k
DDT on Booker 362k
Taker attacks DDP 870k
Taker slams DDP 565k
Taker chokeslams DDP 606k
Taker gives the Last Ride to a WCW official 839k

Raw 7-23-01:
Taker vs Rhyno 914k
Taker with a drop toe hold 572k
Taker goes old school on Rhyno 541k
Knockdown and legdrop on Rhyno 682k
Rhyno's kick doesn't affect Taker 691k
Gore! Gore! Boot! 645k
Chokeslam on Rhyno 629k
Taker attacks DDP 641k
Taker still beating on DDP 1meg

Smackdown 8-2-01:
Taker attacks Booker 710k
Taker beats on Booker 1.1megs
Taker clotheslines Booker 350k
Taker still beating on Booker 769k
Taker hits a ref, then Shane 418k
Taker and the Rock hold off the Alliance 1.4megs

Smackdown 8-9-01:
Taker beats on Sean O'Haire 806k
Taker's ropewalk on O'Haire 1.1megs
Taker DDT's Palumbo 409k
Taker and Lame's chokeslams to win the WCW tag titles 784k

Smackdown 8-23-01:
Taker's drop toe hold on Edge 529k
Taker's rope walk and arm wrench on Edge 739k
Christian gets manhandled by Taker 971k
Christian gets the Last Ride 1.1megs
Last Ride replay 758k

Smackdown 8-30-01:
UT takes on both Albert and X-Pac 860k
UT dominating X-Pac 654k
UT DDT's and boots Albert 698k
UT boots a chair in Albert's face then hits him with it 579k
Taker punches a chair in X-Pac's face and give him the last ride 1.08megs
Chairshot and Last Ride replay 626k

Smackdown 10-18-01:
Taker and Lame attack Test and Booker outside the ring 754k
Flying clothesline on Booker 665k
Taker works on Booker's arm 1.3megs
Taker rolls over Booker and Test 1.06megs
Chokeslam on Booker 553k
Chokeslam on Test 761k

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