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Items with a N are new and ones with a have other formats. ALL of these videos are Crypt originals unless otherwise noted. These videos were made for downloading rather than streaming, so if it tries to stream and plays too slowly, right click the link and save it to your hard drive.

Real Media Videos - Current Undertaker:
Undertaker's Judgement Day Return Part 1 (2 megs)
Undertaker's Judgement Day Return Part 2 (1.1 megs)
Undertaker's Judgement Day Return Part 3 (2 megs)

Undertaker on 5/22/00 RAW Part 1 (1.6 megs, 30 sec runtime)
Undertaker on 5/22/00 Raw Part 2 (2.3 megs, 1 min 10 sec runtime)

Undertaker on Smackdown 5-25-2000(recap)
Taker tries to mow Vince (1.5 megs)
Vince left alone in the ring with the Undertaker (1.8 megs)
Undertaker vs Shane Part 1 (1.2 megs)
Undertaker vs Shane Part 2 (1.7 megs)
Undertaker vs Shane Part 3 (1.7 megs)

Undertaker on 5-29-00 RAW:
Undertaker's retort on RAW 2.4 megs
Kevin Kelly interviews the Undertaker 1.3 megs

Vince and Taker on 6/01 Smackdown 3.6 megs, 1:48 runtime

Undertaker on 6-05-2000 RAW:
Undertaker's speech on RAW 2.7 megs, approx 1:20 runtime
Cole Interviews Taker 700k

Undertaker's run in at the end of Raw 2.3 megs

Undertaker gets the hot tag and wins the match (6-8-00 Smackdown) 2.2 megs
(Bigger resolution version, slightly choppy video) 1.9 megs

Undertaker talks about Kid Rock on Superstars (1.9 megs)

The UnHoly Chokeslam at KotR 2000 464k

Taker's interview at KotR 1.1 megs

Multi-angle replays of the chokeslam at KotR 680k
Undertaker vs Edge (part 1) highlights from 6-29 smackdown, 3 megs
Undertaker vs Edge 2 (powerbomb) 1.6 megs

The Last Ride UT's powerbomb on Christian 7/03 Raw (544k)

Fully Loaded 2000-
Last Ride on Angle 703k
Chokeslam on Angle 605k

Undertaker's SummerSlam 94 entrance 2.7 megs

Undertaker on Raw 8-07-2000:
Part 1 1.1megs
Part 2 (throwing Slob off the stage) 2.5megs
Multi-angle replay 1.2 megs

Undertaker on 8-10 Smackdown-
Part 1 (2.4 megs)
Part 2 (2.2 megs)
Part 3 (1.3 megs)
Part 4 (last ride) (1.4 megs)
Part 5 (chokeslam) (1.6 megs)

Raw 9/18-
Chokeslam replay 360k
Taker talks down the Rock part 1-2.2 megs   part 2 1.7 megs
Warming up before the match with Crock (740k)
Taker vs Rock part 1-1.4 megs   part 2-800k   part 3-755k part 4-1.6 megs

Raw 10/30:Taker attacks Regal-
Part 1 (1.5 megs)
Part 2 (2.1 megs)
Part 3 (1.2 megs)

11/02 Smackdown: Undertaker takes out Steven Richards-
Part 1 (1.9 megs)   Part 2 (1.9 megs)   Part 3 (1.8 megs)  

11/06 RAW: Undertaker vs Val Venis-
Part 1 (1.9 megs)   Part 2 (2.5 megs)   Part 3 (1.3 megs)   Part 4 (2.7 megs)  

11/09 Smackdown: Undertaker becomes #1 contender-
Part 1 (2 megs)
Part 2 (1.6 megs)
Part 3 (2.2 megs)
Taker tells Angle he's in HIS yard (2.1 megs)  
Audio of Taker telling Angle he's in HIS yard 747kb

Survivor Series 2000:
Undertaker vs Kurt Angle- 13 videos

Undertaker on Raw 11-20-00:
Taker enters the ring and chokeslams Eric Angle (1.8 megs)
Taker beats on then chokeslams Kurt Angle off the side of the Titantron stage (3 megs)
Taker demands a match from Foley (2.2 megs)
Taker tosses the urn (903k)
Taker's Last Ride on Christian (1 meg)
Taker chokeslams Edge (950k)
Replay of the Last Ride and Chokeslam (1.2 megs)

Undertaker on 11-23-00 Smackdown:
Smackdown recapping the chokeslam off the ledge (1.8 megs)
Taker walks to the ring and attacks Angle (2.6 megs)
Taker gets up and lays out everyone (1.9 megs)

Undertaker on 11-27-00 Raw:
Taker kicking Lame's ass- 01(914k)   02(760k)   03(1.5megs)   04(1.3megs)  

Undertaker on 11-30-00 Smackdown:
Taker talking to Mick(1.5megs)
"Come on Rock, let's roll"(640k)
Taker and Rock vs Edge&Chris&Angle-
  01(1.5 megs)
  02(1.1 megs)
  03(1.4 megs)
  06(2.3 megs)

Undertaker on 12-04-00 RAW:
Taker vs Rikishi- 01 (1.5 megs)   02 (1.2 megs)   03 (553k)
Taker spits on Vince (2 megs)
Taker takes Vince for his Last Ride (2.6 megs)

Undertaker on 12-07-00 Smackdown:
Coach interviews Taker (2.9 megs)
Taker in the Fatal Four Way- 01 (1 meg)   02 (670k)   03 (1.1 megs)   04 (1 meg)   05 (1.4 megs)  

Cole interviews Taker on 12-11-00 Raw: 01 (1.1megs) 02 (2.1megs)

Undertaker on Smackdown 12-14-00:
Lugz replay of Taker's chokeshoving Rikishi off the cage at Armageddon (1meg)
Taker kicks Raven's ass- 01(1.5megs), 02(2.1megs), 03(2.9megs), 04(1.4megs),

Undertaker on RAW 12-18-00:
Walking down the halls(1.2megs)
Taker and Rock win the tag titles-

Undertaker on Smackdown 12-21-00:
Lilian interviews Taker(1.3m)
Taker enters with the belt around his neck(2.1m)
Taker works over Christian(1.1m)
Taker continues to dominate(992k)
Taker gets the hot tag and gives Edge the Last Ride(1.6m)
Taker chokeslams Edge(1meg)
Taker slams Christian(727k)

Undertaker on RAW 12-25-00:
    Coach interviews Taker 2m
    Taker vs Rock 01 1.2m
    Taker vs Rock 02 1.2m
    Taker vs Rock 03 830k
    Taker vs Rock 04 690k

Undertaker on RAW 01-01-01:
Taker tries to mow Rikishi 766k
Taker beats Rikishi down the ramp 1.1m
Taker vs Rikishi 1 939k
Taker vs Rikishi 2 870k
Taker vs Rikishi 3 833k
Taker vs Rikishi 4 540k

01-08-01 RAW: Undertaker saves Rock and chokeslams Lame 1meg

Undertaker in the Royal Rumble 2001 (1-21-01)--:
In the locker room 323k
Recapping the past few months 632k
Taker enters the rumble and kick ass 1.2m
Double chokeslam and elimination of Scotty 1meg
Taker DDT's Rock 647k
Taker beats on Haku 638k
Taker dominates Rikishi 1meg

Undertaker on Raw 1-22-01:
Taker runs in and kicks ass 642k
Kicking more ass 1meg
Double chokeslam Rikishi 665k

Undertaker on Raw 1-29-01:
Taker vs Haku 1 764k
Taker vs Haku 2 1.4m
Taker vs Haku 3 458k
Taker vs Haku 4 542k
Taker vs Haku 5 770k
Taker vs Haku 6 499k
Taker vs Haku 7 1.1m
Taker's insane interview 1 1.3m
Taker's insane interview 2 1.9m

Undertaker on Smackdown 2-1-01:
Taker's shirtless interview 1 2megs
Taker's shirtless interview 2 1.8megs
Taker/Lame vs Haku/Rikishi First Blood 1 1meg
Taker/Lame vs Haku/Rikishi First Blood 2 1.2megs
Taker/Lame vs Haku/Rikishi First Blood 3 1.2megs
Taker/Lame vs Haku/Rikishi First Blood 4 1.1megs
Taker/Lame vs Haku/Rikishi First Blood 5 823k
Taker/Lame vs Haku/Rikishi First Blood 6 1.1megs

Taker's 2nd XFL promo 904k (--)

Undertaker on Superstars 02-05-01 --:
Bike Nite 01 504k
Bike Nite 02 1.6megs
Bike Nite 03 1.7megs

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