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These are standard AVIs and should play on most Windows systems.
Items with a N are new and ones with a * are Crypt Originals.

Ariels/High Risk:
Undertaker's Front Flip Clothesline (vs Bossman 1999) 348k
Undertaker's Phenomenal leap over the top rope at the inferno match
Taker's Roplewalk on Rock
Taker's Roplewalk on Vader
Taker's Roplewalk Clothesline on Mankind (Revenge of the Taker 1997), 510k
Taker's Roplewalk on Goldust (black and white)
Taker's Roplewalk on Goldust (another)
Taker's Roplewalk on Mankind (Survivor Series 1996) 750k
*Taker flys over the top rope 513k

Undertaker chokeslam's Billy Gunn 1.6 MEGS
UT with a huge chokeslam on HHH 1.1 MEGS
Taker Chokeslams Shawn off the top rope (Hell in a Cell) NO SOUND
Taker chokeslams Mankind THROUGH the cage
Taker chokeslams Mankind on tacs
UT with a big chokeslam on Bret 1.5 MEGS
UT chokeslams Patterson through an announce table
UT chokeslams Brisco through an announce table
Vince tells Taker to go to hell, and get's chokeslammed! 1.9 MEGS
Taker's Double Chokeslam on Bret Hart and HBK
Chokeslam on Ted DiBiase
High Chokeslam on Shawn Micheals
Chokeslam on Diesel
Chokeslam on X-Pac
Chokeslam on Savio Vega and Crush 1 Meg
Chokeslam on Terry Funk Hell in a Cell 2
Chokeslam on Kamala
Chokeslam on Kama
Chokeslamming Bret Hart into the ring
Chokeslamming Mankind into the grave Buried Alive 1996
Chokeslam on Jeff Jarrett
Another Chokeslam on Vince
Chokeslam on the Rock
Chokeslam on Tiger Ali Singh
* The mother of all Chokeslams KotR2k 900k
* Chokeslam on Angle (Fully Loaded 2000) 704k
Taker chokeslams 2 officials 1.2megs

UT tombstones Bossman 890 k
UT Tombstones Shawn into the casket! 450k
Taker Tombstones Hogan (Survivor Series 91) 1.5 megs
Taker Tombstones Sid to victory (and the title) at WM13 1997 2.4 megs
Undertaker stones HHH under the Titan Tron 1997 900k
Tombstone on Kama 3 megs
Tombstone on Ken Shamrock 1.1 megs
Tombstone on Lame
Tombstone on Issaac Yankem the same as above only earlier
Tombstone on Bret Hart
Tombstone on the Underfaker (Brian Lee)
Another Tombstone on the Underfaker
Tombstone on X-Pac
Tombstone on the Executioner
Tombstone on Vince McMahon

The Last Ride:
* The Last Ride 7-03 Raw (755k)
* Last Ride on Angle (Fully Loaded 2000) 882k
* Last Ride on Vince (1 meg)

Taker beating the hell out of Vader 1.5 MEGS
UT throws Mankind off the Cell! (Hell in a Cell 1998)
Undertaker bodyslams King Kong Bundy Black and White
* Undertaker lays out Shame McMahon No sound (1999)
* Undertaker beats the living Hell out of Asstin. No sound (1999)
Taker's Royal Rumble promo 1996 1.2 Megs
Taker sets Paul Bearer's face ablaze (IYH: Revenge of Taker, 1997) 1.2 Megs
UT with a backbreaker on Bret (SummerSlam 97) 900k
Taker breaks the Sharpshooter (SummerSlam 97) 2.1 Megs
Smashing Shawn Micheals with a chair (Hell in a Cell 97)
Undertaker penetrates the ring and attacks Mankind 1.9 Megs
Undertaker takes Mankind off a ladder (Boiler Room Brawl 96) 1.7 megs
Undertaker gives Vader a Low Blow (Final Four 1997)
Undertaker goes nuts on Mankind
Undertaker throws Shawn over the top rope Hell in a Cell 1
* DDT on Rikishi (500k)
* Taker spits on Vince (700k)
Undertaker slams a drum over Bearer's head 310k

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