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Undertaker @ Sabretooth's Corrupted Crypt

Undertaker @ Sabretooths Corrupted Crypt

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Sabretooth's Corrupted Crypt is a place dedicated to the Undertaker, with lots of high-quality and full sized Undertaker pics (photos, scans, PSD cuts, original computer and hand artwork), lots of videos, some Taker sounds, animations, other stuff, and fast load times. Also offering exclusive Undertaker wallpapers, screensavers, free Taker clip art, and interactive goodies. It's a clusterfuck of Undertaker stuff. Updated about every other day or more. Click here or the image to enter.

The Undertaker is the undisputed Phenom of the WWF (accept no LAME imitations!). The Crypt was built and serves as a dedication to the Undertaker, and a place for Creatures of the Night to find extensive picture and multimedia archives, with some extras here or there. It's a place to entertain fans of the Undertaker and educate wrestling fans who don't know what the Phenom is all about. All media off the TV is property of the WWF, and I know this, the media is provided to inform and educate fans in a rich audio/visual environment. Full Disclaimers (Please read before entering)

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