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..::Maim WWF Wrestlers::..

Welcome to the Decapitorium, a collection of pics and animations (some interactive) of inferior souls who've challenged the Undertaker. All of these are exclusive originals and were made by me, if you want to use them, please credit with a link back here.

The following content might be deemed "offensive" by some. Good. If you're easily offended, easily grossed out, or eating and easily grossed out I'd suggest not looking. These pictures in no way reflect any real personal hatred to the people behind the performances. No wrestlers were physically harmed in the making of these pics. Mentally, however...
Anyway they're just pixels!

Bad Ass Pikachu electrifies Haku -(Flash)

Punch out Kurt Angle -(Flash)

Undertaker mows Bull(sh*t) Buchanan with his bike -(Flash)

Toss a bomb in Stephanie McMahon's mouth -(Flash)

Undertaker kills the Big Blow (show) once again! -(Flash)

Beat in Jericho's face -(JavaScript)

The Vince McMahon Virtual Voodoo doll -(JavaScript)

Animated GIFS
Booker gets decapitated (329k)

Undertaker impales HHH 656k (shorter than mpg)

Undertaker splits Hunter's head open (shorter than mpg) 551k

UT tombstones Asstin, with bloody results

Undertaker gets revenge on the Big JOKE

Lame's (Kane) "Face" melting off

Vince's head explodes yet again, except with much better detail

Undertaker makes Lame's head explode

Chokeslam by the Undertaker decapitates Stoned Cold Asstin

Vince's exploding head

Undertaker impales HHH 797k (shorter than gif)

Undertaker splits Hunter's head open (longer than gif) 973k

Sinking the Islanders (375k mpg)
Rikishi and Haku get sunk on their island. Mpeg uses the Angel Potion decoder.
If you don't want to download that, you can try these other formats-
Real Video 116k
Avi 830k

Diablos (FF8 GF) squashes Lame (1.9 meg Real Media Video)
Video summon of Guardian Force Diablos (from Final Fantasy 8) is Copyrighted to Squaresoft. I just stuck Lame in there and squashed him

Graphic Stills
N No Mercy for the Unforgiven

Austin gets it again, the more things change the more they stay the same

Fame has a price (DDP)

The Game is now that damned DEAD

Play in Taker's yard and you get hurt, Kurt.

Don't Mess with the Bad Ass (Taker mowing Lame with the bike)

Payback's a BITCH (Shame, Big Slob and No-Angle all get decimated)

Undertaker holds up Lame's bloody head

Undertaker has Vince's bloody head

Vince McMahon, Sacrificed

Submitted Pics
The Sanctum of Dark Arts contains art submitted by fans, several of which fit in this category.

Put the FUN back in FUNERAL

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1999-2002 Sabretooth/Cryptic Creations. Above Parodies are protected by the US Fair Use Law. Full Disclaimers.
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