Written by DARKSPADE:


    The first wrestler that I want to bitch about is that fuckin asshole Paul Wight (Big joke). First of all when this loser entered the wrestling world he was trained at the WCW wrestling camp. I saw footages of Paul on A&E saying that he worked  hard to get where he is right now, bla, bla ,bla... This guy cannot wrestle. If he wasn't 7'4 the wrestling organizations would have canned his ass!! (Ed's note: even THAT isn't true, as the WWF states him to be around 7'1-2!) In WCW, Paul Wight as "the Giant" (geez that's fucking original) was pushed ahead of everyone. It wasn't untill "big sexy" Kevin Nash gave him the powerbomb, which I personally enjoyed, that snapped Giant's head. Now I would fell sorry and hurt if a wrestler was injured like that, but Paul had it comin. After that Paul came out with a neck brace  (it looked more like a big ass diper to me!) and sluggishly challenged Kevin for a rematch. Anyways, later the giant joined the NWO again! That's stupid. Oh I forgot to say... FUCKIN stupid! A couple months afterwards (boring angle isn't it) The Giant gets pissed again (I forgot what it was, maybe his shit his pants) and challenges Kevin Nash to a "giant versus giant" match. Well, the big joke lost and now we are stuck with this shithead.

    Paul Wight was suppose to be Vince's insurance policyto stop Stone Drunk Asstin from winning the WWF title at Wrestlemaina. Wellll.... it didn't happen. Nope that bigass had to steal "the big show" and become a face (face or heel, the Bigass is still fuckin stupid). Then to make a llllong boring story short, the Bigjoke/bigass/bigflop joined the fuckin (I like this word now) union to fight against the ministry of darkness. Soon after the Undetaker, the honorable phenom he is, challenged the bigass and ever since the bigass keeps on coming out with a piece of lumber or something.... On a recent RAW the bigass had to face the Undetaker after Stone Drunk became the CEO of the asswiping company! Undetaker took the challenge and boy was it a fight. The bigflop only had a couple of moves, but the Undertaker dominated the match. Then all of a sudden after the bigflop was beated to hell and back and again, the bigass (I have a lot of names for this loser) somehow got the Undetaker in a showflopper and floped him into the fucking (cut) ring. Now, what's up with that! Anyways, I hate the bigflop and his days are numbered.

The next loser I want to rant about is....LINDA MCMAHON!    Boy she is a fuckin....BITCH!!!!! I pity Vince and Shane now after I saw that slut. Talk about a corporate stuckup! This slut had someting up her ass, and it isn't shit! This bitch comes out  to basically stop her husband from complete dominate control. She then states that Asstin is the new CEO! What in the fucking hell on earth, why?????? Asstin probably fucked Linda and her daughter in a threesome last night!! Talk about a stupid choice! All I have to say is, fuck that bitch and her daughter!
And now for LAME (KANE), that's right!
 I CANNOT STAND THIS UNORIGINAL asshole mother fuckin prick. This asshole comes on TV each any everytime with fireworks! BBBOOOOOyyyy how boring! I hate Kane because for one is not the Undertaker's real brother, his attitude, his face, his hair, his beer stomach, and his unorigianllity. The Undetaker invented the chokeslam, tombstone piledriver and various other moves in which lLame stoled! Its so fucked uo now that people where I live believe that Kane invented all of these moves and it was Kane who taught the Undetaker! BULL SHIT! The Undetaker did in fact invent these moves to its perfection, not Lame! I also hate Lame's "superior" attitude. Lame is so unoriginal that he needs to wear shoe lifts to look taller that Undetaker!! I rrrrrreeeally dispise this asshole to the limit. The ONLY reason why Lame exists is because he wants to end the Undetaker's hardlong carrer and steal the spotlight. GO TO HELL LAME!

And finally I want to rant about, ASSTIN (I won't go into detail, youcould check out more in "Creatutres Against Austin"!)    This drunkin asshole creep DOES not deserve to be a wrestler. HE has no moves and hes just there for people with no brains. If I were to even grasp myself and pick just one thing to say about this son of a fuckin bitch, then its!!!!! I hate it./ Everytime this asshole smiles my skin turns gray and I feel like vomitting!! You always knoe that Asstin is a cheating lair, untrusting prick when he gives you his "look". I wish I could get some string and wire his fuckin mouth shut!!! I bet that it was Asstin's influence which caused the closing of And now that drunk is getting his own comic! If I owned chaos comics I would set fire to each and every beer smelling copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let the purity of DARKSPADE guide you! That's damned right!  


Before I begin, these are my uncensored thoughts if you don't like it, then don't read. The next Fuckin loser that I want to rant about is Rocky Miavia (that's not even his really his real name). This asshole entered the WWF ranks when he was very young and he possessed little talent. The only reason why he was accepted by the WWF was because he is the first fourth generation wrestler ever. When this fuckin boring rookie won the IC belt (again the youngest ever) it was a fluke! The prick was shoved to the top, even above the Phenom! Why you may ask? Well because the WWF wanted to draw younger audiences to the WWF. The title IC reign was very short lived and the young little shabrony disappeared from the WWF for a long time because he needed training (he should have been trained more before he entered the WWF). Just before the Rocky left, you could see that this asshole son of a bitch was already drunk with stardom. Everything was given to this silver spoon brat! His family was already known to the wrestling world and as a result, fueled Rocky's ego.

   After the Nation of Domination (Masturbation) went through a reconstruction of certain losers (except for Brian, I thought he was good) Rocky was given a chance of a lifetime! Soon after, you could see that the Rock was in ego overdrive and ready to take over the NOD! The Rock did not stop there! No. Stone drunk Steve Asstin and the Rock went through a couple of interesting feuds together. The Crock never won the IC belt for the second time. Vince gave it to him, again more favoritism At one time Asstin even threw the IC title into a lake! But, it became very boring. The Crock started to really control the NOD and Farooq was kicked out of the group. That I believe was the boiling point for the Crock's ego mania! Time and time and time again the Crock came out and repeated "if you smmelll want the Rock is cooking", and "take your candy ass and check yourself into know role boulevard." At first it was entertaining, but the Crock kept on repeating himself over and over! Soon it was clear that the Crock was only another wrestler that was shoved to the top. When the Crock won the WWF championship, I about came unglued! If there was another person that had a worse gimmick than Asstin its the Rock. In my estimation the Crock is no longer, instead he is the Cock!! What pisses me off even more is that the Cock has very little things to say without putting in "if you smell..." or "know your role..." or "Candy ass". Enough already! On a recent interview with the Undertaker, the Cock challenged the Phenom to a championship match. I sat there and waited until he got to the fuckin point! Finally, after what seemed like for eternity the Undertaker came out and stopped the Brahma shit head in his tracks. The Undertaker took only a small fraction of the time to get to the point compared to the Cock! While UT was layn the smack down, the Cock walked back and forth like he was going to pee his tights. Indeed the Cock is a young man. A foolish young man that got were he is through his families name. There are many other things I could point out about the Cock, but its better to state that most young wrestlers are not ready yet. They are actually uneducated, disrespectful and unaware. Pricks like the Cock respect no one. Asstin is no exception! It sickens me to see the Cock, Lame, HHH and others disrespecting wrestlers that has been there for awhile. There are only very few that are young that do have respect, but mainly towards their generation. This is one reason of many why the Undertaker is forced to job. Its sad to see this happen, but what else could we do!
Let the fury of DARKSPADE guide you! that's right


The next thing I want to rant about are the loser fans of Stoned drunk Steve Assholetin!
Every fuckin week all I see on the WWF are swarms of SCSA "fans" waving their wimpy hands in the air and flipping off anything. I mean enough already! Geez, I bet that their middle finger was born that way. They must have a hard time doing stuff like picking up a fork, reading a book (yeah right), or wiping their ass with toilet paper. The only thing that the fans of Asstin are going to gain for themselves is a bad liver and a holy ass whipping beaten! You want to know what also pisses me off even more? Well, last RAW when Asstin screwed the UT out of the title match, all I saw were two sluts yacking at each other and saying something to Paul Bearer and UT in the front row! Why and how did two bitches with barely anything on (well that ain't bad, but I don't like bitches) get away with such disrespect? Well, that's what Asstin fans are. Mirror images of the drunken one. When the Undertaker was whooping the holy crap out of Asstin, the fans shut their mouths and again flipped the phenom off! But, when Asstin barely got a punch in, the fans were screaming their drinking heads off and were still waving there filthy middle fingers in the air (I would hate to know where they put that finger away *sniff, sniff*). The point is, there is no point in waving the middle finger in the air. Its disrespectful and distracting. I am surprised at the WWF for letting this Asstin crap continue in this way! Most of the audience only come to watch the WWF live just to show how intelligent they are by waving their middle finger off! I even saw some kids do it!!! And what about the Undertaker? Well, the Undertaker dominated the drunken one yet again. After a long ass whipping beating on Asstin, the Undertaker lost the title only because the corrupt WWF writers made the UT do it! If the UT were too fight Asstin for real, then it wouldn't even take one hit to knock the living crap out of the drunk. And only then could UT pile drive Asstin since Asstin has a contract that legally stops the UT for using the tombstone!! Just once more would I love to see UT use the tombstone on Asstin (and his followers)!!!!!! Until next time,

Let the fury of DARKSPADE guide you! that's right!
**enjoy this decapitation courtesy of Sabretooth.
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Last Monday on RAW is WAR Stoned Cold Drunk Steve Fuckoff was laid a can of whoop ass by the hands of Taker and the Big Shrimp! Dam that just made my day. But then later that night, Triple Gay had to dash into the ring and interfered with the Taker vs Asstin match. What pissed me off more than anything was not the fact that HHH was a pussy, but Kane, Acolytes, Crock, Road Kill and even Asstin were getting shots on Taker and the audience loved it. Now just how much more is Taker going to take with jobbing?

And now its just between HHH and Asstin. Geez who in the hell do you think is going to win? If Asstin loses the title to HHH you know that Asstin will claim to be "screwed" again. But still, HHH as the WWF champion?

At Slumberslam I heard that a lot of fucking things are going to change. I actually don't give a fuck who in the hell is going to be the next WWF champion. I am still pissed off from all of the intense jobbing UT has been putting on! I predict that the Big Whale Paul Wight is going to backstab Taker (like that never happened before!).

And finally, I want to complain about the Rock and Asstin! First the Crock, have you even noticed that whenever the Crock has another interview (more air time) that he advertises his "new" merchandise? What pisses me off is not really the air time but the freaking "now your role.....if you smell lalalalalalelelel....up your candy ass" attitude! Now comparing that to Asstin, everything on him is for sale! Asstin even has his own title belt toy! But whenever I hear Asstin say his too used up lines and his infamous fucking "that's all I got to say about that" line I can't but help think of the Rock! You now what, I bet that the Rock and Asstin are probably bed buddies! +_+ Anyways, to hell with the "Rock says" and Asstin 3:16!

Let the fury of DARKSPADE guide you! That's right!

Oh by the way, for The Crock and Asstin I got two words for ya....

8/25: (even though it was written SEVERAL weeks ago, lazy me...)
You know what just really pissed me off?, especially Shopzone, that's what! Every freakin time I want to see if there is a new mercandise for the Undertaker or some other wrestler I always see them advertising Stoned Drunk Steve Crackheat or The Rock. What the hell? Okay okay.. So whats the point? Well, say if you choose the Road Dog as one of the wrestlers that you wanta  product for. You first click on "shopzone" and a list pops up (with Asstin and Rock stuff, of course). Then you choose what you want to look for. Then at the bottom of a fuckin message it says: "Other Products you might be interested in"....lets see whats there: bla, bla, bla..Stoned drunk champion belt, bla, bla...rolaids..bla, bla, Stoned drunk 3:16 venom hat, bla, bla, a shotgun,  a Stoned drunk baseball jersey, bla, bla, and a Stoned drunk Laminated chain ....hey wait! WHAT the hell is Stoned drunk stuff doing on every wrestlers products stuff??? What the hell! They even got it on Taker's stuff too! And that's not all, The Rock seems to get junk in also! I know that faces are suppose to be in demand but c'mon  fuckin already! Like I really want a Stoned Drunk Baseball Jersey! I would rather get the shotgun! If the WWF are suppose to be "fair" to its fans and to give them what they want, then why am I sitting here by this computer ready to bash the shitin monitor in just because I see a freakin Asstin shirt! I hate the WWF!

When you think about the and all of their so called promises I think that its a load of Brama bullshit and its fuckin corrupt! Everywhere you look on WWF.cum you always see Asstin somewhere! If you ever look carefully at the left when you click on "superstars" there is even a link to Stone.cum! Dam, at least just shove the link to his bios and leave us alone! Speaking of bios, if you ever go to the bio on Asstin it reads this: "It took Stone Cold Steve Austin Eight Long F'n Years to get to the top of this sport...And he'll be damned if anyone takes it away from him!" What the hell does that mean....that's all his bios says, no height, weight (probably 400lbs from drinking too much beer) and titles held (except for: THE CURRENT WWF CHAMPION). Is the fucking belt his? Like no one can be the WWF champion! Now I thought past wrestlers like Hulk Hogan were bad... Asstin even has his own suckin belt! And now NO ONE CAN TAKE THE BELT! Were's the funkin justice......well hell no there is NO justice in the WWF, only ass suckin losers that are more than happy to kisk Stoned Drunk's pimple infested, herpes ASS!

And that's all I have to say about that!
Let the fury of DARKSPADE guide you! That's right!
Stoned DRUNK!