You know you're an Austin fan if:

If your 4 year old daughter drinks a beer in front of you, and you yell at her because she held it too close to her mouth.

You can count all the teeth in your mouth using your 10 fingers. 
You're an even BIGGER fan if you can count all the teeth in your mouth using only one hand!

You never say "yes" or "ok"...just "oh Hell Yeah!"

You wake up in the morning and immediatly reach for a beer

You live in a town whose zip code is E-I-E-I-O

You live in a town where men are men...and women are men too (and the SHEEP are AFRAID)

Your wife is also your sister

Your family gets real excited when one of you actually begins high-school (they call it "higher education")

You go to a museum and ask "Where's the statues of the naked broads?"

You've never been to a dentist  because you heard D.D.S. stands for "Dey Died Screaming"

You're at the museum looking for the statues of "naked broads" and someone asks you what you think of the Van reply "I ain't never had none.  I like beer better than wine."

When you go to a wedding of Austin fans and everyone is wearing a camoflauge jacket (or neon orange) with a hunting license pinned to the back,   how do you tell who the bride is?  Easy!  She's the one with a sleeveless jacket with her hair in braids...her Armpit hair, that is.  How do you tell who the groom is?  Easy!  He's got on a clean bowling shirt and clean white socks (along with his spit-shined black shoes!)

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