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Undertaker's Legacy

Undertaker's Legacy
American Bad Ass/Deadman Inc.

2000-Current: The American Bad Ass. More of a mortal man now than ever, the Undertaker returned to the WWF as a bad ass biker with an attitude (as that's the WWF current campaign). Though mortal, he eludes to the past, bringing up terms like "Deadman" and saying "I may not dress like Satan anymore, but I'm still down with the Devil and I will go medeival on your ass". Some fans have mixed feelings about his most recent incarnation, but the ABA is still a popular draw, and a force to be reckoned with in the ring. Are you scared? He's here.

At Wrestlemania 2001, Undertaker defeated Triple H to retain his unbroken Wrestlemania streak, and went on to feud with Austin/Triple H, which was dropped because people were sick of Austin/Taker feuds that had gone on for so long. It didn't help matters that Taker (and Kane) were usually pussified during the feud (save when Taker threw Austin threw a window, then attacked him in an ambulance afterward). Undertaker was out of the main event for most of the year following that, and after Survivor Series Taker turned heel.

Undertaker defeated Rob Van Dam at the Vengence PPV to become the hardcore champion. He went on to take out the Hardy's and Lita in some vicious attacks, fought with small frys like Taijiri and Spike Dudley, which led up to a match with the Big Slow. Taker won the match, but had to take time off due to yet another botched chokeslam by the Slob. Taker made it back in time for the Royal Rumble 2002, and took out everyone in his path. It would surprisingly be Tough Enough winner Maven to eliminate Taker (thanks to a distraction by Lita), which made a furious Taker come back in and destroy him.
Currently Taker has his sights set on Maven, but tends to interfere in matches to stake the claim on his yard and demand respect.

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